Watch IPTV m3u with VLC on PC

Watch IPTV m3u with VLC on PC

VLC allows you to watch IPTV m3u for free on your PC.

It is considered the best software to read m3u free file.

Steps :

The first step is to download a free m3u or demonstration file.

Several sites offer you links: Our Site

  • Download VLC
  • Open VLC
  • Open m3u IPTV file download previously

Watch IPTV m3u with VLC on PC

IPTV m3u files are free demonstration links that lasts from 1 to 3 days.

Sometimes you can see an automatic change of TV channels every 20 or 30 seconds.

Stopping Automatic Channel Switching for IPTV M3u

Your IPTV VLC changes channel? Stop Automatic Channel Switching for IPTV.

IPTV that changes channels is a very common and easy problem to solve.

Many users notice that IPTV changes channels on its own after a few seconds of use.

To troubleshoot automatic channel change with vlc (iptv), and disable VLC auto play, follow these steps:

  • Use VLC to open the IPTV links.
  • Open the desired IPTV link with VLC.
  • Click 2 times on the button indicate young (LOOP BUTTON) in the image below.
  • The problem vlc changes channel alone becomes a thing of the past!

Watch IPTV m3u with VLC on PC

After following these steps, the iptv vlc problem changes after a few seconds disappearing for good and you can now prevent vlc from changing channels automatically.

For information :

Free IPTV links usually work between 1 and 3 days.

That’s why you always have to download new links or buy official subscriptions because nothing replaces an official subscription.

The links to download are free demo links and exist everywhere on the Internet.

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